Good news we are in transition! 

After a susbstantial amount of consultation,we have decided to change the name of the business currently known as Sustainable Water to STOREHOUSE. While our purpose remains the same, we feel that this new vehicle would be appropriate to take us to the next level. Here's to impacting more lives and solving the water crisis.

As we are in the process of rebuilding we ask for grace if something goes unanswered. However, the official email and contact remains available until communicated otherwise.


Every business had to pivot during COVID-19 if it was going to survive. What I often do when I am stuck  is pray. While I am an entrepreneur , at the core I am a christian.  I often said I was a walking talking water campaign but I am really a walking talking miracle. From the  chevening scholarship  that allowed me to be at Nottingham University, the Msc in Sustainable Energy Engineering that allowed me to design solar water pumps, to finding the Ingenuity lab and winning the Ingenuity competition in 2019 has been a story only God could craft. Where I come from  and the odds that were against me have led me to trust in a higher power.

In 2020 when  the  loackdown was in place, we could not trade. As in every time of trouble, I turned to God.The solution he gave was a shift in business model. This business model did not come from the pages of a business book. Instead, it came from the bible. STOREHOUSE is a bible based business model to solve the  insurmountable problem of solving the water crisis.  It was born out of the hardest year of my life :emotionally ,physically and spiritually.  Since I have lived through it , I am writing a book about it too. It is targeted at christian entrepreneurs who want to apply the wisdom of scripture into their businesses. Every pump will be free and funded by the ecourses and book sales. Stay tuned


Wisdom is proven by the results. I feel  strongly that this is the next chapter for Sustainable Water. Since the wisdom of God has not failed before, here's to doing it again. I want to thank everyone who has been on this journey for the last 3 years and contributed to its success.


Before the curtain falls on this name, I would like to spend any goodwill on making an appeal for Mustard Seed: a UK charity with water and school projects in Tisai island Uganda. They are a marvelous example of why we do what we do. They need £30,000. Here's a BBC interview showing there work. Should you like to donate to their water  project directly here's their PayPal QR code

Kind regards,

Tabitha Wacera

Founder Sustainable Water