Sustainable Water will be providing a packaged service to corporates & charities that wish to solve the water crisis sustainably, whilst being held to high standards of transparency and accountability.


This is through the creation of our own independent certification body that will offer an accredited trademark for companies that adhere to SW's corporate governance standards for sustainability, whilst also providing multiple benefits that come from being within our community.

To find out more information and how you can become a part of the tribe, please read below!

Why become a part of the Water Collective Trademark?

  • The SW Trademark will enable the pooling of resources – resulting in economies of scale and consequent exponential growth.

  • Receive shared knowledge and expertise through the use of our consultancy services on issues such as supply chains & networking on the ground.

  • Access to solar water pump suppliers & digital data, including shared plans for maintenance.

  • Gain access to the online marketplace where you will be able to sell any products under the SW trademark and access a wide range of consumer groups.

  • Increase your appeal from potential donors/investors by making transparency an explicit value for your firm.

  • Increase the push for sustainability and collaborate on our collective vision to end the water crisis once and for all.

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Sustainable and meaningful co-operation can be achieved by the practice of appropriate values, which make the basis for successful co-operation possible. We understand that the role of values in business is to guide and to motivate behavior for the betterment of the community because our individuality is socially constituted and socially situated.

Here at Sustainable Water, we have a number of non-negotiable values that we adhere to:

(1) we recognise both individual human dignity and the social dimension of human existence.

(2) that the preservation of individual liberty depends on the active maintenance of our community.

(3) that the community has duties to be responsive to our members and to foster participation and deliberation in the strategic decisions for the future.


(4) We place emphasis on the two major principles of the world business community to improve economic and social conditions:


- respect for human dignity

- living and working together for the common good.

Due to this, we will not tolerate the use of exploitative images of African children in extreme situations of poverty in order to trigger an emotional response in the viewers, thus resulting in commercial gain.

All Hands In

The Values Of Our Community:

Why Solar?

WE choose solar panelled water pumps in order to produce water of high quality and in sufficient quantity by the use of processes that do not result in environmental degradation or unsustainable solutions.

This is through the understanding that:


  • Stainless steel does not corrode

  • Measures CO2 emissions, allowing for more transparency & action concerning the carbon footprint of our solutions.

  • Solar panelled water pumps allow for the incorporation of IoT (Internet Of Things), thus having a direct impact on the levels of transparency & accountability involved in the measurement of impact. This is in alignment with GRI’s reporting 2025 analysis paper - which stated that advancing technology will enable companies and stakeholders to access, collate, check, analyse and correlate data, and consequently will consider the potentially constant scrutiny of the consistency between their ethical values and actions.


  • Panels have a warranty of 25 years​


  • Guaranteed supply of water to the next generations


  • Maintenance -- if you can track it, you can see it -- if you can see, it you can maintain it. This will result in increased longevity. 

Solar Energy

To read about the Sustainable Water Trademark Guidelines, based on the GRI standards for sustainability, please click here

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